See what our current clients have to say about their experience with Evolution Healing Arts.

As someone who has been singing, performing and training in vocal technique, vocal health and performance my whole life, I have discovered that my stress and mental health directly effects my vocal chords and performance ability. Because of this discovery I have found that my pre-show preparation is crucial in order for me to have a performance at the best of my ability. I have tried lots of different ways to prep for shows, but didn’t feel confident in any until I met Samantha. Samantha is unique because she is not only an artist and performer herself- so she understands the minds and hearts of true artists, but she is trained in yoga, meditation, exercise, voice, dance, and vocal massage. Samantha has a passion for helping artists reach their full potential by using her skills to help get them into the proper mindset for their art. It is so magical and so special. She has helped me create a pre-show prep that includes guided yoga, meditation, vocal massage and a vocal warm up that gets me into an amazing place to hit the stage. She reminds me through her guided meditation that this is my purpose on earth- to share my gift with others and be a light through music. It’s a dream come true to be able to hit the stage with a focused and free mind versus one filled with chaos and anxiety. When I go on tour next year, I have a every intention of bringing her with me as my personal trainer, meditation coach and peace keeper (if you will!) so she can help get me in the best mental and physical place for every performance! Thank you Samantha! You’re a gift and light!!

Annie Tracy

Working with Samantha and the Evolution Healing Arts Team was an absolute joy.  From concept to post production, there was ultimate creative fluidity and support.  Proud to support a fellow female entrepreneur,  we are thrilled to have produced a beautiful video for EHA which truly captures the essence of the brand and mission.
Kristi Ray and Erika Edwards

Honey Head Films

As a mom, wife, and small business owner, working out has always been another check off of my to-do list. That was until I met Samantha with Evolution Healing Arts. It is truly a mind, body, and spirit experience that I look forward to every week. A year ago, I couldn’t do many of the things I can do now. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt and I find both great peace and joy in my sessions with Samantha. Over the last year, she’s become more than a trainer. She’s been a great confidant, a sounding board, a great motivator, and has made me realize that I want to become strong to look and feel good. My weekly routine isn’t the same without my sessions with Samantha.
Lindsey Cheek

Artist & Interior Designer, Gathered