Samantha Ray

Meet owner and artistic director of Evolution Healing Arts, LLC:  Samantha Ray Mifsud, RYT200. Samantha has worked with Evolution Dance Complex since 2014, and in June of 2019, decided to open up its sister-company, Evolution Healing Arts!

Hello and welcome to Evolution Healing Arts! My name is Samantha, and I am delighted that you have decided to check us out. This business philosophy has been near and dear to my heart for quite a while, and it brings me so much joy to know that by serving others with this philosophy, we may have the chance to help our world to grow in Universal Love.

Why is Yoga the underlying theme of this business?

Yoga promotes the value of a healthy mind-body-spirit connection, and the importance of placing equal attention into all three aspects of this trinity.  This drives me to yearn to continuously learn how to heal and strengthen each aspect of our being.

I have found that dedicating focus to learning and academia is of utmost importance. After all, we will all realize that the more we know, the less we know! So, why not continue learning? 

If we are not physically healthy, we will not have the mental energy to learn. Furthermore and most importantly, our physical body is the vessel for our divinity within. So, we must eat healthfully and exercise daily.

It is my understanding that we have been created to live as spiritual beings, encompassed inside of a human outfit. Therefore, we must feed the spirit- and we know that prayer, meditation, art, music, and performance, feeds the souls of many.

YOGA addresses the ideal of balancing all three (mind, body, spirit) through breath, movement, and postures. Because of the teachings of Yoga, my drive is steadfast. I want to share this truth with others, so that we may all have the opportunity to heal and strengthen every aspect of our beings, together.

Why Evolution Healing Arts?

I know two things for certain: I have always felt a deep connection to the Divine, and I have always felt compelled to teach. From the time I was a child, my interests included dance and movement, athletics, music and performing, learning and education, and helping to provide care for others. In college, I studied elementary education and earned my professional educator’s license, and then I went on to study human anatomy and physiology, to eventually become a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I have taught children’s dance classes, elementary school (grades kindergarten through fifth), and group fitness classes. When I discovered Yoga, life just started making a little more sense! I discovered that my personal skill sets, interests, and studies could be aligned into a singular, true resolve: by yujing the body, mind, and spirit, practicing Yoga, I might be able to help others find their unique purposes as well. If other artists, performers, or athletes need assistance or guidance in finding wholeness, I would like to be able to help make that journey a little bit easier through this business model.

Training and more:

In 2018, I trained under Macy Cole in the YUJI Yoga Academy, to become a certified Yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance, and then went on to help propel E-Motion’s mission forward.  I am currently still involved with E-Motion Fitness + Studio, and highly recommend the studio for serious Yoga practitioners.  I am doing what I am doing now at Evolution Healing Arts because I have found joy and meaning through music, teaching, dance, and Yoga, and, through God, it is my mission to help others to do the same.

Other education, training, and certifications are listed below: 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Concentration: Theatre.
    Graduated May, 2010.  Academic All-American, Cross Country.
    Post Baccalaureate Studies, Elementary Education
  • Broadway Teachers’ Workshop, New York City, 2014.
  • ACE Personal Trainer Certification, American Council on Exercise, 2010
  • Certified Lifeguard, First Aid, AED, CPR, Certified, 2007-present

What to expect of my teaching style

Each of the lessons, sessions, or workshops I lead will include my complete commitment to the student, to the practice, and to the mission of Evolution Healing Arts.  I will never teach anything unless I believe in it, whole-heartedly, and I will always teach or speak or advise with the intention of bringing healing, strength, love, and joy into the hearts of those around me.