Evolution Healing Arts

Company Mission: 

Evolution Healing Arts aims to help individuals to grow and evolve by healing and strengthening the Mind-Body-Spirit through education, wellness, and art.

We will do this by working together through various avenues, which will allow us to live up to our fullest potentials as artists, as performers, and ultimately, as creative human beings.

Company Philosophy:

This business is run on a foundation of LOVE: through the respect and dignity for human life with authenticity, integrity, artistic expression, creativity, empathy, and community connection, we will continuously strive to grow stronger and healthier by paying careful attention to all aspects of the being through customized coaching, workshops, and specialized instruction.

What we do:

Evolution Healing Arts is a niche-company, which exclusively provides holistic wellness for individual artists (dancers, singers, actors, designers, visual artists, athletes, etc.).  Available for hire around the world, we will continuously strive to help others learn to heal and strengthen the Mind-Body-Spirit through education, wellness, and art.  Owner and Artistic Director, Samantha Ray Mifsud, is available for consulting, advising, teaching, and public speaking for schools, theatre groups, casts, teams, and various companies.


We are in the business of helping others heal and strengthen their beings, holistically: Through EDUCATION, WELLNESS, and ART, we target artists to help heal and strengthen the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT with 30-minute, 50-minute, and 90-minute customized coaching sessions.

Sessions will be catered to the individual or group of artists. (We’re all artists in a way, aren’t we?!)

Voice Training
Acting Lessons
Personal Fitness Training

Academic Tutoring
Customized Workshops
Speaking Engagements

Problem:  None of us are wholly strong or healed from past traumas or weaknesses- mentally, physically, or emotionally.  We all have the potential to improve ourselves in some way.  How do we target our specific needs to become stronger and healthier in the areas we need it most?

Solution:  YOGA.  Yoga aims to yoke or “yuj” or form a union.  At Evolution Healing Arts, we use the fundamentals of Yoga to yoke each aspect of the human being (Mind-Body-Spirit) by first healing and strengthening each aspect of the being in whatever way will be most meaningful for the practitioner.

ie: Fitness |   Art  Training |   Yoga Asanas  |  Tutoring  |  Meditation

Product + Delivery:

Product: The service of providing unique, individualized coaching

Each service is designed with a specific practitioner in mind. We will deliver the service either at Evolution Dance Complex’s Evolution Healing Arts Studio OR at the location of the practitioner’s choice.