Holistic Wellness for Performers and Artists

Healing and Strengthening the Mind-Body-Spirit through Education, Wellness, and Art
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Evolution Healing Arts

Our holistic wellness philosophy allows for artists, performers, and athletes to hone in on their crafts while using the fundamentals of Yoga to balance the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.


Academic tutoring and specific education services are offered to our clients, to help stengthen the mind.


Customized physical fitness and Yoga asana sessions aim to emphasize the importance of striving for a strong and healthy body.


Singing, acting, and other arts training remind each of our students that creativity and artistic expression are instrumental for healing and strengthening the spirit.

Proven results show achievement of lives that are wholly more balanced

Meditation and Yogic practices help to properly align the physical body, tune the mind, and deepen the connection to the Spirit. With regular practice and dedication to your craft, you will be sure to see improvement in your own strength, flexibility, vitality, and much more!