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Go beyond limits and discover your mind and well being.
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Inspiration for Joyful Living

Our holistic wellness studio was developed using the fundamentals of Yoga, Ayurveda, and sacred texts:
we must yoke the mind, body, and spirit, by healing and strengthening each aspect of our being, in order to live in wholeness.


We include education, to help strengthen the mind: academia and tutoring is available for small groups or individuals, and is offered to students of all ages.


We include fitness to focus on the importance of strengthening and healing through the body. Various fitness classes are offered, as well as personal training for all ages. 


We include strength and healing of the spirit with different workshops that take place each month with the objective to heal through art.

Studio Offerings

Choose the services fit for your lifestyle and healing needs.

Adult Tap

Yoga Flow


Dance Privates

Dance Fitness

Personal Training

Sojourners Yoga



Voice Lessons

Proven results to achieving a better balanced life

Proper meditation and yoga positions help stretch your muscles and ultimately increase your range of motion. With regular practice, you’ll see improvement with energy, strength, flexibility, vitality and much more.